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Welcome to SzegedSchool!


We are an international pre-school in Szeged open to Hungarian and foreign students likewise. This is a community based parent-funded progressive pre-school. It was established on the desire of a group of professionals, wanting to create a center that is unique. A place where children can relate to each other, to themselves, to their environment, to different cultures and languages freely and naturally. We do believe that children are able to develop all kinds of skills, if we offer them the right environment, tools and inspiration.



Are you staying in Szeged temporally? Why is SzegedSchool the right choice for you?


-We already have children from other countries, and we have very positive experiences of their capacity of adaptation. The atmosphere is beneficial both for our Hungarian students and the foreigner newcomers.


-An English speaking staff member is always available, but we do not expect your children to speak English.


-We have mixed age groups, which makes it possible for everybody to develop at their own pace.


-We work with a very limited number of children to guarantee personal care.


-Healthy eating is a basic value, we learn to appreciate healthy food, encouraging our students to try, investigate and create in the kitchen too.

Things we like:

Reggio/ SOLE/The theory of flow/ Montessori/free play/creative thinking/growth mindset/live in nature/values of democracy/green thinking/parents’ participation/project work/science for kids

Kovács Kata

If you are interested, please

1: Fill in our Contact form here.


2: Get an appointment for a personal meeting to visit our centre, meet our staff and ask your questions.


Any qustions you may have please contact Kata in English or Spanish at or ‭+36 30 531 3533‬ ! 

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